A selection of Guestbook entries

Before 2004 only one cabin was available for rent, sporadically. In 2004 we added the second cabin and in 2013 the third (ØRN) was finished. Since the start there has been guestbooks available in all the cabins, and many travelers has shared their experiences. Scroll down to see a selection both from summer -and winter stays. 

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The view, the sky, the sea, the land...THE SILENCE!
— Nicole/Curie - Italy
Willy and I have travelled in many, many lands around the world, but places such as yours are RARE! What we look for is nature in all it´s varied beauty, tranquillity and mellow calm, reflective peace and... -a friendly welcoming smile. Thank you and “your” Island for providing all this and more. With kindest and warmest regards...
— David/Willy - Israel and Switzerland
Thank you so much for this lovely place, wonderful landscape scenery that we never forget. We hope that sometimes we will return! And a little thing at the end: Here David asked me to marry him...and I said: YES!
— Terese/David - Czech Republic
We could write a lot of beautiful words about this place (the house, the view, the experience, the ambience , we could even write an entire book, however, -we only need two words to sum up our stay: THANK YOU!
— Lalya/Seba - Canary Islands
Thank´s a lot for our wonderful stay here. We drove for 5 days, all the way from St. Petersburg, and this was the best place to go for! Hope to come here again - sometimes in the future
— Alexey/Irina - Russia
Thank´s so much for the cosy cabin with all of it´s accessories. It has really been a pleasure to spend a few days in this “home away from home”, and enjoy this peace & tranquility... As you promised, we got “a ton” of fish from the pier and were faced by a dilemma of what to do with them all. After eating some of the catch we shared the rest with local birds - which there are plenty of! The cabin was a nice base for all of our adventures around the island. Thank you so much for all, we hope to see you again soon!
— Mikko/Aki - Finland
We really enjoyed our stay in this lovely cabin. We were lucky to find it on the web and that we could stay here. We wish we will be back and that we can see the Northern Light!
— Genji and 2 others - Japan
We searched for accomodation and we fell in love with RORBUA - online. It was unbelievable how easy it was to make the reservation, to get an answer, to turn our dream-cabin into reality. The online “dream/love” turned out better in reality because it was not just an accomodation, it was not even “a house”. We discovered it to be a home... It has been an honour and a privilege to experience the NORTH in a place like this. We are really eager to return!
— Ancal/Andrei - Romania
We thank you both for everything. You make an important part of our holiday. It was the best staying in Norway (not kidding!). If we come back again we definitely visit you again.
— Carmen/Cees - The Netherlands
Our friends recommended us to stay here at North Cape Cabins. It surely was a good recommandation. The view is spectacular and Mr. Frode is a very welcoming host. We all enjoyed a lot here in North Cape and the cabins place. With fond memories...
— The Madan family - India
It has truly been a pleasure to spend 4 days here in ØRN. We were extremely lucky with the weather and even had sunshine the whole day we hiked to Knivskjellodden. Frode welcomed us warmly and introduced us to the art of fishing, which resulted in a catch of 5 fish, completing dinner and lunch for two of the days! I cannot stress how much we have enjoyed our stay here. Our host has been great and from the windows of the cabin we saw a flock of Nise (Porpoise) whales, various of birds and both calm and stormy weather. This is truly a place to return back to!!
— Carin/Isa - Germany


We spent a really lovely time here in your cabins. It was warm, comfortable, clean and the landscape was simply AWESOME! We concerned a little about no running water, but it turned out to be no problem. We will recommend your place for sure to our friends, so they can enjoy as much as we did! Thank you for everything!
— Students from Switzerland/Germany/Canada
A wonderful night in this incredible place. We had the chance to see the Aurora Borealis! We hope, one day, to come back in this cabin to enjoy the calm, the peace and the landscape of this place
— Ludivine/Leo - France and The Netherlands
What a great place to spend some time with friends! Living in the dark and without running water; what a good experience in winter time...!! We saw the North Cape and had some crazy hikes in the dark...
— Students from France and Austria
We enjoyed every minute of the eight nights we spent in the cold, dark Nordkapp winter! We came hoping to see the Northern Lights and we were not dissapointed, leaving with some wonderful photos and memories. The cabin was welcoming, cosy and warm, the scenery beautiful, and the surroundings peaceful and quiet. Thank you Frode for all your help and kindness, we have had a lovely holiday. Next time we´ll come to see the midnight sun!
— Amy/Rob - England
I stayed here for 3 days at the end of my trip, which was cycling from Tromsø to Nordkapp. Fantastic place! Very cosy with a great view. Thank you Frode for having me here and for all your help
— Ivan - Russia