Practical information for a winter stay at North Cape Cabins:

This is how it works for people staying in RORBUA and ØRN in wintertime with no running water in the cabins:

It will probably be running water in a creek close to the cabins. If so, you can get water in buckets for drinking, cooking and washing. Use of shower is of course impossible without running water in the cabins. You have to do washing of body and hair in the ”old way”...  Water has to be heated on the gas/electric cooker. There is a public bath in Honningsvåg. Open on Fridays.

If no running water in the creek (happens VERY seldom), you have to buy water in a shop for drinking and melt snow for washing and cooking (-if you don´t want to buy that much water...). Flushing the toilet must be done with seawater if it is frost. I will show you how to get water from the sea.

When you arrive we will have filled up 20l of fresh water (-if it is water in the creek) and 50l of seawater in the cabin.

Occasionally (but VERY, VERY seldom), the weather conditions are such that there is no snow on the ground and the creek is frozen. In such a case you have to buy all the water you need except for flushing the toilet.  

If the path from the parking place to the cabin (60m) is covered with snow the snow will not be removed by us, but this is not a difficult walk. Follow, exactly, the footmarks made in the snow. 

Bring an electric torch for walking to and fro the cabin when it is dark. Also bring slippers or thick socks because it might be a little cold along the floor of the cabin in wintertime.

CLEANING: Guests are expected to clean the cabin and  leave it in the same condition as they found it. However; if you want to pay for cleaning the price is NOK 300. THIS MUST BE MARKED WHEN YOU BOOK. 

BEDCLOTHES/LINEN: Only complete sets of  linen are available for rent. A complete set is: Sheet and duvet + pillow (with covers). If you have not ordered a complete set, you´ll be provided only with a bed and mattress. Meaning; if you don´t want to rent bedclothes/linen you must bring everything you need for the bed. -You can also rent towels. WHEN YOU BOOK YOU MUST SAY IF YOU WANT BEDCLOTHES AND/OR TOWELS.

INTERNET: The cabins has free WIFI in summertime. WIFI can also be provided in wintertime but the internet-company then charge extra (NOK 200) for connecting/use and the service is only based upon weekly use (Monday 00:00 until Sunday 23:59). Meaning: Internet will cost you NOK 200. (NOK 400 if you stay over a weekend and want internet all the time). WHEN BOOKING YOU MUST SAY IF YOU WANT INTERNET.

 Please read all general information on the website.



Frode Kristiansen
North Cape Cabins



The North Cape Cabins is NOT identified with road signs in wintertime. Location is at the distances specified below from respective points of interest: 

* 7.0 km from the "Honningsvåg Tunnel" (direction towards North Cape). 
* 7.5 km from Tourist Information Office in Honningsvåg (direction towards North Cape).
* 5.0 km from the airport (direction towards North Cape).
* 700 m past Nordkapp Camping (when driving from the North Cape).

GPS Coordinates: N 71º 01´17´´  E 025º52´ 57´´ - Decimal 0459436/7880159

Otherwise the owners big, white car will be at the parking ground when you reach the cabins