You might just want to spend your entire vacation - or at least a few days of it - here in the municipality of North Cape?

Most visitors do not allow themselves enough time while visiting Norway's Far Northern region and end up being much too rushed. In fact, we have much to offer our visitors! Sub-arctic nature is very special, and we encourage you to come and experience it - either on your own or as a part of organized activities. Sports fishermen will enjoy a wide variety of angling opportunities in both fresh and salt water. The municipal center of Honningsvåg is a small but busy urban community bearing witness to our most important local industry - the fisheries.

On our island we have four fishing villages (Kamøyvær, Nordvågen, Gjesvær and Skarsvåg), each having its own unique atmosphere. One might say that the North Cape is more than just "The North Cape",  -an idyllic area in which you can enjoy various holiday activities and days of peaceful holiday tranquillity. 

Accommodations range from modern hotel facilities to basic rental cabins. -Or just bring your tent!

NORTH CAPE CABINS represent some of the nicest rental cabin facility you will find in the North Cape area. And we are very affordably priced! Each cabin is uniquely furnished and of very good standard. The cabins are situated near the shoreline with an abundance of fish and birdlife. You can go for walks (maps with hiking trails in the cabins), fish from the pier, maybe take a swim in the North Atlantic Ocean (many have done that...) or just enjoy the view of the fjord and watch the birds in the air and at sea. Now and then small whales (Porpoise) show up at the surface of the sea. Or what about reindeers grazing just behind the cabins?  Having North Cape Cabins as your base allows you to fully enjoy your North Cape holiday.

NORTH CAPE CABINS  is located in Skipsfjorden, which forms a part of the beautiful and varied Kamøyfjorden which is the largest fjord on the island Magerøya where North Cape is situated. The cabin facility is also an excellent point of departure for outings to various points of interest in Finnmark County.

As there is no road all the way to the cabins there is no disturbing traffic and engine noise just outside the cabins. It is approx. 70 m to walk from the parking ground and a little exercise is always refreshing... 


All cabins have internet in the summer season! (Free and wireless.)

IMPORTANT! The cabins RORBUA and ØRN are open all year -with some limits. Read the Home page. When the water is shut off because of frost, the price will be 75 % of ordinary price. In the dark winter months the North Cape Cabins is a perfect place for watching the Aurora Borealis. More info under WINTER RENTALS.

Below you ll find a map, key distances and GPS:



The North Cape Cabins are clearly identified with road signs and is located at the distances specified below from respective points of interest: 

* 7.0 km from the "Honningsvåg Tunnel" (direction towards North Cape). 
* 7.5 km from Tourist Information Office in Honningsvåg (direction towards North Cape).
* 5.0 km from the airport (direction towards North Cape).
* 700 m past Nordkapp Camping (when driving from the North Cape).

GPS Coordinates: N 71º 01´17´´  E 025º52´ 57´´ - Decimal 0459436/7880159