Here you`ll find information about activities available near the North Cape Cabins.



Starting at North Cape Cabins (no driving necessary) you can go for 3 hikes in the nearby mountains. In the cabins you'll find tourguides and maps. All hikes will take 2-4 hours. One of them follows a gravel road where you at a certain point can look down at Honningsvåg! 

On one of the other tours you can see North Cape Cabins from such a high angle that it seems like looking down from a plane... 

The third hike follow the coastline a while before turning up into the mountains. On this hike you can, if you wish, go for a visit to the fishing village Kamøyvær. If so, this hike will take more than 4 hours.


Fishing from the pier is allowed without restrictions and we can almost guarantee a catch! Many guests has got a lot of their dinners this way... On the pier there's a bench with fresh water where you can prepare your catch. Otherwise you can fish from any point along the sea-shore. You can also do fresh water fishing, but for this you must pay a small fee to the government.

Will you bring a fishing rod? If not, you can find affordable priced rods in one of Honningsvågs shops and supermarkets (i.e. REMA 1000). Buy a telescopic one which is easy to bring home with you and go on fishing...

NOTE! Be aware of this: North Cape Cabins is not a place for what we in Norway call "fishing tourism" (- meaning taking up to 20 kilo pp home). That´s why there is no freezer available. Do you want to bring a boat you can do so, but this must be agreed upon when booking. Note that the access to the cabins allows only small rubber boats to be used and to be inflated by the seaside.


Do you want to go back home and tell everyone you've had a swim in the North Atlantic Ocean? Many guests go for a swim jumping from the pier! Otherwise; 1,6 kilometer in the direction towards Honningsvåg there's a nice, small beach where many people (locals and tourists) use to swim and sunbath on warm days. The other way around, towards North Cape, and approx. 1 kilometer away from the cabins (behind Scandic hotel) you'll find a small valley with 8 lakes. Here you can swim, sunbath and fish! 


There are several organized activities in the North Cape area. Check out at