North Cape Cabins is owned by the company FILMRAPPORT. This sole proprietorship is owned and operated by Frode Kristiansen. When you arrive to the cabins you will be met by Kristiansen, his wife Sylvi Jakobsen (retired teacher) or another member of his family. Below is some important general information about the cabins for your consideration as a future guest. More detailed house rules to be found in each cabin. 

  1. These are privately-owned cabins, which are used by the Kristiansen family and their friends during the off-season. We therefore ask that you treat the cabins and all furnishings with the same high degree of care and consideration with which you would handle your own property. 
  2. From the parking area by the main road, there is a 70-meter walk along a gravel road down to the cabins. There is a wagon for luggage.
  3. Payment in Norwegian money (NOK), upon inspection/acceptance of the cabin. (No credit cards). It is possible to pay in advance. You'll get information when you book.
  4. Parts of the summer we who own North Cape Cabins will stay in a private cabin on the premise. Otherwise we stay in our house in Honningsvåg. Regardless of your arrival time during summer, the following is important:
  5. You yourself determine the time of arrival between 14:00 and 18.00. Latest time for check-in is at 18:00. We will meet you at the time you have chosen - not earlier, not later. 
  6. If you are not travelling by car, there is a taxiservice in Honningsvåg. Phone (+47) 78 47 22 34.  If you need bus transport contact the tourist office ( or (+47) 78 47 70 30) for bus schedules. 
  7. If you need to check-in before 14:00 please let us know in advance (sometimes this might be possibly). Check out time is at 12:00. Cleaning of the cabin is the responsibility of the guests. -Or you can choose to pay for the final cleaning.
  8. Communication (written and oral) must be conducted in English (or Norwegian, Swedish, Danish). 
  9. If you break something you are responsible for fixing or replacing it. Please inform us if such incidents as soon as possible.



Telephone: (+47) 91 71 19 64.  Spare number: (+47) 95 76 43 81.


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Address: Skipsfjorden



Telephone: (+47) 91 71 19 64.


Postal address: PB 104, N-9751 Honningsvåg, Norway 

Office address: Skolegt. 5

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