There is no better way to start your journey than with a stunning movie from the North Cape area!

"NORTH CAPE" is an outstanding filmjourney throughout the North Cape area all year around! Running time 53 min. Commentary in 8 languages. The film is sold as DVD and at the same disc you`ll also find a film about the Sami people in Norway and a film telling the story about the dramatic work to get a road link to the mainland for the North Cape municipality. Construction work going on for nearly 10 years (1990-1999).

"NORTH CAPE" has been shown 10 times by NRK (Norway`s national broadcaster), shown abroad by RAI (Italian national TV-company) and has won a film festival award in USA.- Among other things. 

You can buy the the DVD to a reduced price when you stay at North Cape Cabins. Do you want to buy and shipped by Post; send an email…

(The owner of North Cape cabins, Frode Kristiansen, is a semi-retired filmproducer/director/ photographer. "NORTH CAPE" is from his production list).